Brad Restivo

Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 835073
947 Fell Street, Second Floor
Baltimore, MD, 21231

Brad kept answering my questions until I was satisfied and understood the material in a language that made sense to me.

We are very pleased with the Home Point Financial Corporation. We especially appreciated Brad's" can do, get it done" attitude which gave us confidence that we were in good hands and were being dealt with respectfully and with dignity.

Brad was wonderful to talk to. He even gave me his cell phone number and told me any time week days or weekends, call me if you have any questions at all.. / / That is a man who care about me and my Intrest.
This process was made Simple and Easy.
Bradley Guy Restivo treated me with dignity and respect. Sometimes I felt my questions were silly or unimportant. Brad never treated my questions and concerns as though they were unimportant. He always returned my calls or e-mails very promptly. He is a pleasure to work with.
It was a pleasure. Thank you. Thank you to Chris also.